Girl And The Dog

The little girl befriend with the dog. She was very nice with the dig and the dog was also happy with her. Soon she had to leave that place for her studies.

The little girl who was on vacation made a visit to her grandma, who lived in the countryside. The countryside was quite a new experience for her. She felt a lot of freshness in the air, wanted to live forever in that place. The blue mountains and green meadows made her feel like she was in paradise.

While playing in the meadows, she saw a small dog. It didn’t take much time for the girl to befriend the dog. The dog became her pet wherever she went, the dog was with her. Her grandma didn’t like the dog first, but because the girl argued for her friend, she let the dog in. The dog was very happy to play around with the girl. Soon, her vacation was over, and she had to leave the place for her studies.

With tears in her eyes, the little girl said goodbye to her grandma and the dog. She asked the dog to take care of her grandma because she is living alone. The dog waved his tale. The dog took great care of the grandma, safeguarding the home with his loud bark, keeping the thieves and rodents stay out of the home. Grandma also was happy with the dog for his services.

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