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Cat Of The Old Bugalow

Time for fun

The castle cat was very different from other cats. Daytime he sits on the watch tower watching the world from there. He was very punctual because the tower clock was his timekeeper. Nighttime, the cat was busy catching the rats. He had no problem in finding food as the castle had a lot of rats, the cat had a lot to eat. One day he saw a beautiful lady cat walking on the street. He wanted to befriend her.

Suddenly, a dog appeared before the lady cat. She started crying, the dog’s intention was not good, he wanted to attack the lady cat. The castle cat had to act fast. He had no choice but to jump from the rooftop. He jumped from the roof and landed between the dog and the cat. He bravely fought with the dog and saved the lady cat from the cruel dog. The lady cat was very thankful. The castle cat invited her to his home and they lived there happily ever after.

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