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Ripple Artist Elephant And The Swan

Sorry to say, I am not enjoying your art!

I Love Doing This!

After a hard day of work, the elephant was in the lake enjoying a cool bath. “One, two, three, the elephant was counting the ripples he was making in the water. The elephant was an expert in making ripples in the lake by hitting his trunk on the water. The circles he made in the water made him happy. 

A swan was also swimming in the lake. The ripples the elephant was making in the water made the swan angry because the swan couldn’t swim through those ripples the artist was creating. “Hey, what are you doing here? Can’t you see I am swimming around? You are disturbing me,” the swan busted out her anger.

“Sorry, dear, You know, I am an artist, and I love to create these long circles in the water. I thought you were enjoying my art,” the elephant said.

“Hell with your ripples. I am having a headache keeping myself afloat in the water. You are a great artist, I know, but your art should not be somebody’s terror,” said the annoyed swan.

“I am sorry, I didn’t know that my art is creating problems for you. You can swim here. I will go to another place to create my art,” said the elephant. He went to another area in the lake where the elephant continued to create circles in the water.

A good artist makes others happy!

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