Crane Bird And The Cow

crane and the cow story

The Happy Crane Bird

The crane bird on its migration trip landed in the new place after a long flight from a faraway place, thousands of miles away. It was too tired after the long flight non-stop. All the bird wanted was to have some food. She went to the nearby pond. “Wow, it tastes great,” the crane bird gulped some of the inhabitants in the pond. The new place was totally different from the place the migratory bird flew from.

“Hello there, you seem to be new here,” said a cow grazing in the meadow.

“Yes, I am new here. I see everything different here from the place where I come from. Can you please introduce me to other animals and birds here and make me feel at home?” the crane bird asked the cow.

“Of course, it’s my pleasure to do so,” said the cow. Just then. a squirrel came along that way. “Hey, Mr. Squirrel, meet Ms. Crane. She is very new here, and I would like to introduce her to you,” said the cow. The squirrel was busy running here and there collecting Beatle nuts, stopped his job for a while for a chit-chat with the crane bird. Next came a cat. The cat was going for a fishing activity in the nearby lake.

“Hey, Mr. Cat, meet Ms. Crane, who is from a faraway place,” said the cow. The cat stopped there chatted with the crane. One by one, the cow introduced all animals and other birds to the crane bird. The crane bird felt home at last.

“Now I am going to stay with you all,” said the bird. “You are most welcome,” said the other birds and animals. Rest of her life, she will be living in that new place.


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