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Elephant And Bird

Why are you upset baby?

The bird sitting on a tree saw a baby elephant running here and there. The baby elephant seemed very anxious about something.

“Hey, baby, what’s the matter? Why are you running around? Any problem I can help you with?” asked the little bird.

“I am missing my Mom. I am looking for her everywhere. But not finding her. I was never left alone. I want to see my mother. But tell me one thing. How can you help me to find my mother? You are too small a bird to help me in this,” said the baby elephant.

“I will show you how I can help you out. Just wait,” said the bird and flew away. The bird was searching for the mother elephant. After some time, the bird found the elephant’s mother.

“Hi, elephant. I was looking for you. The bird told the mother elephant about her son looking for her. In fact, the mother elephant was also looking for her baby. Somehow her baby got distracted from the elephant herd on their way to drink water. The mother elephant rushed to her baby, followed the little bird, and found her son. The baby elephant was happy to see his mother. Mother elephant also was happy to get her son back without any problem.

The baby elephant thanked the bird for her help and said he would not underestimate anybody based on their outward appearance.

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