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Surviving A Volcano

Oops, why the sky is black?

The baby dino was out for a walk. He saw something weird on its way. The sky was filled with black ash. The baby couldn’t understand what was going on. He was curious to see what was going on, so he continued to walk. From a distance, he could see smoke and flames.

Animals and birds were fleeing frantically to nowhere.

“Hey, baby, please stop there. You are in the danger zone. It’s a volcano eruption! Run for your life,” called out a bird from the sky. The baby turned back and ran as fast as he could.

The hot lava flowed down from the furious volcano, destroying everything on its way. The thick ash painted the sky black.

After running for a while, the baby dino reached a safe place. He stood there and watched the volcano. The volcano was still furious, vomiting fumes and flames. If the baby had stayed there for some more time, he would have been turned to ashes now.

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