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Crocodile And The Elephant

I feel, I am trapped by that crocodile

“Hey, somebody is pulling me down,” the elephant cried for help. It was on the river for a bath. What happened to the elephant?

It was a crocodile, who lived under the river dragging the elephant by its leg. The crocodile was strong enough to pull the elephant. What can the poor elephant do? He cried for help, cursed the moment he decided to take a bath in the river.

The elephant saw a big wooden log floating around. With its trunk, it managed to get hold of the wood log. The elephant hit the crocodile on its head with the wood log.

This time, the crocodile cried in pain. He had no choice other than to free the elephant. The elephant came out of the river. The crocodile never hunted another elephant in its life.

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