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Chimp In The National Park

What's Going On Here? Let Me Keep An Eye Upon Them!

This chimp, living in the national park, enjoys the company of humans. Every day he comes to the side of the road to see people in their vehicles passing through his place. But he goes into hiding when he spots humans on the way to watch them closely because he doesn’t want to scare them.

The chimp loves to eat bananas, and there are plenty in the forest. Eating bananas makes him healthy and strong. Sometimes he had to fight with other chimps for various reasons. So, a fit body is a must to win the ongoing battles the chimp is fighting with other chimps.

Hey, here comes a vehicle, which is full of people. The fully loaded vehicle stopped near the chimp. Ah, they found him. They took photos of the chimp. The chimp is amused to see humans, especially children, smile at their activities. He loves children as much as he loves his own children!

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