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Unhappy Chimp Is Going To Have A Hunger Strike

unhappy baby chimp
Where is my food?

I am upset with this new zookeeper girl. I am hungry. Every time she turns up late. For a baby chimp like me, food is so important. Why are these humans not serious about punctuality? The old zookeeper was a punctual guy who dealt with me nicely.

But this new zookeeper girl, I think I will have to teach her a lesson about how to deal with a baby chimp with respect. Today, I won’t eat anything from her. I will go on a hunger strike. I hope that will make her punctual in the future. Here she comes. Let me pretend I am not an ordinary chimp. What is in her hand? Wow, bananas, I can’t resist it. Did I say hunger strike? No way. This is so tempting. Maybe she’s late buying these bananas for me. She is a great zookeeper.