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Elephant And the Duck

Look down at me, how smart I am!

An elephant walking near the pond saw a duck staring at it. “Why are you staring at me like I did something wrong?” asked the elephant.

“Hey, fatty, Are you not health conscious? You need to reduce weight and should become like me, thin and lightweight. See, how easy I swim around. I have got a great body shape that allows me to stay smart always. I wonder how you manage your big body. I pity you,” said the duck.

The Advisor

The duck had a problem. He thinks that he is superior to everybody and has got all the knowledge in the world. So, the duck always tries to advise others.

“Thanks for your advice, Mr. Duck. But you know I love being fat and big, which makes me an elephant. When I stand near you, nobody will dare to touch you, because they fear an elephant, but not a duck. I don’t want to become small like a duck,” said the elephant.

The duck had no reply, realized how small he was before the big elephant, and stopped giving such advice to anybody.

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