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It's Playtime Folks!

Let me play in water for some more time, mother

“Wow, it’s so refreshing to have a cool bath like this in this river. I love to bath,” do you love it?

The baby elephant is thrilled to see water flowing in the river. The peak summer had made the river almost dry up. Now the rain has brought plenty of water into the river. The baby walked into the river and dipped its small trunk in the water. The baby elephant took a trunkful of water and sprayed it all over its body. “It’s a lot of fun,” the elephant screamed to his mother.

“Hey, baby, it’s lunchtime. Come, let’s go to eat sugarcane,” called the mother.

“Mother, please allow me some more time to stay in the water. It’s so exciting. I would like to play in the water some more time,” pleaded the baby elephant.

“Ok, you take your time, but come soon! Our herd is moving to the place where sugarcane is growing. You’ll have a lot of fun there too, eating sweety, crunchy sugarcane,” said his mother.

“Ok, mom, here I come,” the baby elephant took another trunkful of water, hurriedly sprayed it over his body, and ran to his mother.

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