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Dog And The Train

Let's be friends

The stray dog, who saw a train engine, stepped inside it. The old steam engine was long abandoned lying there rusting all the way, It was left there by the railway company.

“Hey, Mr. Engine, what are you doing here? Why don’t you run spitting that thick dark smoke? I would like to see you in action,” said the dog.

“Thanks for your concern, dear! In the past, I was a strong train engine dragging a lot of obedient wagons who followed me silently. People admired my power. I was proud of my power. Being one of the fastest trains in the entire country, I carried many passengers to many places.

Now I’m too old to run. New diesel and electric trains have replaced old steam engines like me, and I am out of service now. I have been abandoned by the authorities for a long time, allowing me to take a rest in the snow. But I hate it. I want to run,” said the train engine.

“Oh, that’s so pathetic, don’t worry, let’s be friends. I will come every day to keep you company, and we can talk,” said the dog.  “You are always welcome, my dear friend,” said the happy train.

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