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The Dream Catcher

Let Her Dream!

She Is Dreaming Something

One fine afternoon, a bird was sitting on the branch of a tree saw a cow sleeping. “This cow must be dreaming something. Let me wait for the cow to complete its dream to ask what the cow was dreaming,” the bird said to herself. The bird waited. After a while, the cow opened its eyes.

“Tweet, tweet, hi, Ms. Cow, what you were dreaming?” the bird asked.

The cow opened her lazy eyes, saw the bird. “Yes, I was dreaming about my baby who is sleeping inside me. Within days, he’ll come out. I am dreaming of pampering him. This is going to be my firstborn, and I have to take care of him very well,” said the cow.

“Wow, that’s good to know. I too am expecting. I have laid my precious eggs in my nest above this tree. In a few days, my babies also will come out. Let me dream about them,” the bird said and flew to her nest.

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