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Deer And The Duck Story

Come and learn the pond

The deer jumping around saw a duckling in a pond.

“Hey little darling, what are you doing here in the dirt?” asked the deer.

“Oh, dear, I love being in the dirt. It provides me with everything a duck needs. This pond is full of life. I have plenty to eat,” said the duck.

he deer, intrigued by the duckling’s response, looked around at the pond.

“I never thought about it that way,” said the deer. “I always thought the forest had everything I needed. Maybe I should explore the pond too.”

The duckling quacked happily. “You’re welcome to join me anytime. The pond is a wonderful place with many friends and adventures.”

The deer smiled. “Thank you, little duckling. I think I’ll stay and see what the pond has to offer.”

As the deer stepped closer to the water’s edge, it noticed the vibrant life in the pond. Colorful fish swam gracefully, frogs leaped from lily pad to lily pad, and dragonflies darted across the surface. The deer took a careful step into the shallow water, feeling the coolness against its hooves.

“You are right, my dear duckling. You opened a whole new world before me. Thank you very much,” said the deer.

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