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Counting The Waves Is Not Everybody's Business!

Just count the waves for me

A Boring Solution

“I feel so bored,” the cat complained to the chimp.

“Ok, I have a solution for your problem, come with me!” said the chimp. The chimp then took the cat to the seashore and said.

“If you feel so bored, do this interesting assignment. Count the waves and let me know how many waves can count. Ok?”

The cat started counting the waves, and the chimp left to collect some bananas for his lunch.

When the chimp came back, he saw the cat still counting the waves. “How many waves did you count?” the chimp asked the cat.

“I counted three waves,” said the cat.

“Don’t think I am a fool. For a long time, you were counting the waves, and you are now saying you just counted only three?” the chimp was angry.

“I am sorry, I know counting only up to three. So I counted three waves and again started my counting from one,” said the cat.

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