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Migratory Bird Getting New Friends

Nice to seeyou

“Hey, who’s this newcomer?” Dog and the cat friends were walking together on the seashore saw a crane bird.

“Where are you coming from?” asked the dog.

“I am coming from a place thousands of miles away from here. I flew all these miles in search of a new place to live. I am on a migration trip, and I am not alone. There are hundreds of other birds flying with me. I think this place is nice. I should settle down here to spend rest of my life here,” said the bird.

“Yes, you should settle down here. This is a nice place to live for birds like you. There is plenty of fish available in the sea, and you can catch them easily. Let’s be friends,” said the cat and the dog. The bird smiled at them and started playing with them on the seashore.

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