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Birds And The Fox

Hey, Bro, What's Up?

The two birds were on a tree, sharing the day’s events. It was the full moon at midnight. Suddenly the bird noticed a movement under their tree. It was a fox. The fox was curiously looking at the river.

“Hey, Mr. Fox, what are you curiously looking at?” asked the birds.

“Oh, you were there. I am here for fishing. But there is no fish. I was just wondering where all the fishes are gone?” said the fox.

“Mr. Fox, you know what time it is? It’s midnight. Fishes might be sleeping. Come during the daytime for fishing,” said the birds.

“Oh, that’s why the fishes are not here. Ok, I think I must go now to return during the daytime. By the by, why are you awake?” asked the fox.

“Oh, we were planning for tomorrow. Tomorrow is a busy day for us. Visiting the paddy fields. After the harvesting, there would be plenty of seeds we will get to eat,” said the birds.

“Oh, but please make sure that farmers are not there. If the farmers find you eating all their seeds, they will not spare you. I know those farmers. They won’t show mercy to birds eating their corps,” warned the fox.

“Sure, we’ll take care. Thanks for your advice,” said the birds.

“Good night,” the fox said and went to sleep. The birds also went to sleep, dreaming about tomorrow.

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