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Oops, Somebody please pull me down!

Floating Around In A Hot Air Balloon

Two curious dogs were checking out a hot air balloon tied to the ground. One brave dog got inside the hot air balloon.

“Hey, it’s so cozy here. Just look at this! There are many things to eat in this basket,” said the dog.

But his friend hesitated to enter the hot air balloon basket. The dog inside the basket was so impressed with the hot air balloon. But suddenly, the hot air balloon started flying. The rope that tied the balloon to the ground was broken.

“Hey, you, get out of that dam thing. It’s flying,” the dog on the ground called out loudly. But it was already late. The dog inside the basket couldn’t come out.

The hot air balloon took the dog above the mountains and rivers. But the poor dog couldn’t enjoy the ride because all it wanted was to come down.

After flying for some time, the balloon started coming down. The other dog was running after the hot air balloon to see where the balloon was taking its friend.

Soon, the balloon landed on a meadow. The dog came out of the basket and ran to its friend. The dog was so frightened and couldn’t bark for some time. 

“I will never ever go inside a hot air balloon,” he said when he regained his senses.