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Story Of An Investigation

No, problem, I can help you!

The lion was confused. Every night, the meat from his fridge was stolen. He couldn’t find out who the thief was, because the lion was fast asleep. So he went to the Giraffe, a detective by profession.

“Hello, Mr. Giraffe, I have a case for you to investigate,” the lion told his problem.

“Don’t worry, Mr.Lion, I will find out who the thief is. Please give me one or two days to complete my investigation,” the giraffe said.

That night, the giraffe went to Lion’s place. He stood beside a tree. With his height, he can see everything around him clearly. It was a full moon, so the twilight was there to aid his vision.

Late at night, the giraffe saw a fox tiptoeing to the lion’s cave. The fox went inside, opened the fridge, took the meat, and disappeared.

The next day, the giraffe met the lion with his investigation report. The lion was angry at the fox. The giraffe, and the lion went to see the fox. The fox was sleeping after the heavy lunch.

“Hey, Mr. Fox, get up, I am going to finish you,” roared the lion.

The fox opened its eyes and saw the lion. He was so frightened seeing the lion. The giraffe introduced himself to the fox that he was a detective, and saw the fox stealing the meat from the lion’s fridge.

“Please forgive me. I’ll never repeat it,” the fox began to cry and beg the lion.

“Ok, this time I will leave you. Next time if it again happens, I will not spare you,” said the lion.

“No, I will never do it again. Instead, I will work as a security guard for you. Because if somebody else steals your meat, you will suspect me,” said the fox.

“Um, that’s a good idea,” said the giraffe.

The fox began to work as a security guard for the lion.

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