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Worry Of A Baby Tiger

The baby tiger was worried about his mother. She left for hunting and didn’t reach home yet. It was late evening, and the baby tiger started weeping.

“Hey, baby, what’s the matter? Why are you weeping? Tigers should not weep,” said a bird who saw the baby tiger crying.

“I can’t stop crying. My mother is missing. I want to see her right now,” said the baby tiger.

“You don’t worry, baby. Let me have a look around flying,” said the bird.

The little bird flew over the mountains and rivers. After a long search, the bird found the tiger’s mother. She was trapped in a cage that was put there by a hunter.

“Don’t worry, tiger. I will get some help soon,” said the bird.

The bird flew to his friend Mr. Monkey to seek help from him to open the cage. When the monkey came, he saw the door was not locked properly. So he had no problem opening the cage door and freeing the tiger.

“I am very thankful to you both,” said the tiger.

“You are welcome. Now you go home. Your baby is worried about you. In fact, I came searching for you seeing your baby weeping,” said the bird.

The tiger rushed to her baby. Baby tiger was happy to see his mother again.

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