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Time For A Long Sleep

Wow, It's the first snow of the year.

Wow, it’s the first snow of the year, which means winter has arrived. For the next few months, I will be entering a different mode. You won’t see me wandering here and there. I will be in hibernation for the next few months, a long sleep with lots of sweet dreams.

Please don’t pay me a visit during my hibernation, as I won’t be able to entertain you. Hibernation is a period we bear really looking forward to. There is no worry about food or anything, just sleeping and sleeping.

Are you feeling jealous? You kids love to sleep during winter but don’t want to go to school, right? But hibernation is a special privilege we bear endowed by our grand creator.

Kids, please let me know what you know about hibernation? Is there any other animal that goes to hibernation? Please let me know in your comments.

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