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It's Me Singing

Enjoying the spring

A rabbit was jumping around looking for something to eat. After the winter, it was springtime. There was fresh grass in the meadow. Plenty of things to do. The rabbit’s heart happy.

“Chrome, Chrome,...,” the rabbit heard a sound like somebody crying. “Who is there crying when the spring is in the air?” the rabbit asked.

A frog popped up from the bush.

“Hey, Mr. Rabbit, I was making the sound,” the frog said.

“Why are you crying? Has anybody troubled you? Is there anything I can do for you?” asked a curious rabbit.

“Chrome, chrome, I am not crying. It’s a special frog song composed and written by me. It’s not your fault you didn’t understand it, which nobody else can understand except other frogs,” said the frog proudly.

“Oh, I am sorry dear, anyway, I love your song. Because when you sing, I am pretty sure it will rain soon,” said the rabbit.

The frog laughed. “Yes, that’s true. I am proud that our song helps the rain to come,” the frog said.

“Chrome, chrome,” the frog was singing. The clouds appeared in the sky and started raining. “You truly is a gifted singer,” said the rabbit and ran for shelter from the rain.

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