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The Squirrel Who Wanted To See God

What a wonderful world!

It was a beautiful spring morning. A baby squirrel was sitting on a tree, looking at the world around him. The squirrel wondered, “who created all these things?”

The baby squirrel decided to ask his question to the bird who was living on the same tree. He always tells stories to the squirrel about things around the world the bird has been to.

“Hey bird, will you please tell me who created all these beautiful things around us?” asked the curious baby squirrel.

“Good question, baby. God created everything,” said the bird.

“Thank you, Mr. Bird. Wow, God’s creation is so beautiful. I want to see God and tell him my appreciation?” asked the squirrel.

“No, you can’t see God. Because he is sitting in the heavens.,” said the bird.

“Then please let me know where the heaven is? I want to go there and see God,” asked the squirrel.

“It’s above the sky. We can’t go there,” said the bird.

“Oh, when you fly, can’t you see God?” asked the curious squirrel.

“No, God is sitting on his throne much above the sky we see, and he is invisible. But God listens to our prayers. Say thanks in your prayers,” said the bird.

“I will do that. Thank you. You are so kind in letting me know the truth,” said the baby squirrel and began to pray to God, telling God his appreciation.

Story Discussion

George: God see everyone and everything. Nothing is hidden from God's eyes.

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