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That Rain Not Made Me Sick

Come out friend, let's play!

The baby squirrel was staying at home. It was heavily raining outside. As he watched the rain from the comfort of the cozy tree home, he wanted to go out and enjoy the rain more. But his mother told him not to play in The rain.

“Hey, are you not coming out to play with me?” invited the baby monkey from the neighboring tree.

“No, dude. I am not supposed to go out in the rain because that’ll make me sick,” said the baby squirrel.

“Don’t worry. This rain will not make you sick. See how cool I am enjoying the rain,” said the monkey.

But the squirrel didn’t want to disappoint his mother. So he stayed back. In the evening, his mother returned with a lot of nuts for her baby. He enjoyed the nuts one by one and told his mother that he didn’t go out in the rain. His mother was happy that her baby obeyed her.

The next day, it was not raining. The baby squirrel was out playing.

“Hey dude, why don’t you come out and play with me?” The baby squirrel invited his friend, baby monkey to play with him.

“No, dude. Yesterday’s rain made me sick. I feel so tired. It’s good that you didn’t come with me to play outside yesterday,” said the baby monkey.

“How good I obeyed my mother decided to stay home,” the baby squirrel thought as he enjoyed the full bright day outside.

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