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The Hurry Burry Bunny

I need to visit my grandpa now!

Swish, swish. Hey, who is on the ski going down the valley so fast? She is the hurry-burry bunny without any goggles or sweaters.  Look how fast she is skiing. Who taught her skiing in such a professional way?

Before it is too late, the bunny has to find food for her big family. This time, the winter is harsh. The mother of three smart little bunnies wanted her family to survive the winter.

But she is not the only one looking for food. There are other bunnies too searching for food. So the competition is stiff. The bunny won’t get any food if she is late. That’s why she is hurrying down to the valley in her ski.

Moreover, the smarty fox is too searching for food. He is looking forward to eating bunny meat, so she has to elope from the eyes of the fox.

Down the valley, the bunny found some food left by the skiing people. There she is, reached the valley, frantically searching for something, leftovers from the skiers. The bunny is in luck. Other bunnies have not reached there so far.

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Swishing through the snow makes me happy. Let the snow come, I am ready for the ski

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