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A Squirrel Helping Two Rabbits

Stop here let's wait

It was a winter afternoon, and mother and son rabbits were going to a picnic in a nearby meadow. The baby rabbit was too excited and started singing songs he was taught in the rabbit school.

“Hey, you rabbits, please stop there. I saw a fox sitting on your way from the top of my tree. If the fox sees you, he will eat you,” it was a squirrel who came down hurriedly from a tree to warn the rabbits about the danger on their way.

“Thank you very much for your warning, my dear friend,” said the mother rabbit. Both mother and baby rabbits waited there. Mother asked the baby not to sing songs for some time. Because that will get the attention of the fox.

The squirrel said he would signal them when to continue their journey. The squirrel reached the top of the tree and watched every move of the fox. After some time, the fox went its way.

“Hey, now it is safe to go,” the squirrel signaled the mother and baby rabbit to proceed.

“Thank you very much for your help. You saved our lives,” said the rabbits. The squirrel smiled. “I wish you a happy picnic,” said the squirrel.

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