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The Bird And The Rabbit Mother

Hello Mr. Bird, what makes you sit on my rooftop?

One day, a rabbit was going out of his home, saw a bird sitting on the rooftop.

“Why are you sitting here? This is my home,” said the rabbit.

“I am sorry bro. I am flying from a long distance, and wanted to take some rest. That is why I am sitting here. Please allow me to sit here for some more time, and I will go,” said the bird.

“Ok, where are you coming from?” asked the rabbit.

“I am coming from a far away place. It’s winter there, and it is impossible to survive the harsh weather. So, I, along with my frineds flew down to this place,” said the bird.

“Oh, that’s good to here. You are my guest. Take rest as much time you want. Let me got out and find some food for my family,” said the rabbit. After the rabbit gone, the bird saw a yellow snake coming towards the rabbit’s home. The yellow snake wanted to eat rabbit’s babies.

“If you move forward, I will take you and drop on the rocks. Do you want me to do that?” the bird asked.

“I was just passing through. I don’t have any bad intention. See, I am going back,” said yellow snake as he retreated.

When the rabbit came back, the babies told her mother whatever happened that day with the bird and the yellowsnake. The rabbit mother was very grateful for the bird.

“Thank you very much, Mr. bird to save my babies from that yellowsnake,” said the rabbit. The bird and the rabbit became friends from that day onwards.

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