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Elephant Doctor And Frog

elephant and the frog
Happy friends we are!

One day, a frog came to see the elephant doctor.

“Ok, tell me your problem Mr. Frog?” asked the elephant.

“I am facing a problem in my throat that prevents me from singing. My voice is not coming clearly,” said the frog.

“Ok, let me examine you. Open your mouth wide,” asked the elephant.

The frog opened its mouth wide opened. The elephant saw a small piece of wood stuck in its throat.

“There you are! You will be ok soon,” said the elephant as he sucked the wood piece out of the frog’s throat.

“Now will you sing a beautiful song for me?” asked the elephant doctor.

“Chrome, chrome, chrome,
it’s a wonderful day
with a lot of friends around,” sang the frog.

The frog was happy and went home singing. The elephant was also happy to solve the frog’s problem.