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Elephant And The Frog Army

Oops, I must leave this haunted place right away!

Look how smart these frogs are with their well-planned tactic to frighten the elephant.

The elephant was in the pond playing. But it annoyed the frogs because the elephant made their life in the pond miserable.

“Will you please stop doing this? You are disturbing our peace,” the frog king said to the elephant.

“No way. I love playing in this pond. If you want to live a peaceful life, go somewhere else!” said the arrogant elephant.

The frogs had a special meeting to think about how the frogs could stop the elephant from spoiling the pond. They wanted a plan to work out that should make the elephant never dare to return to the pond. Yes, the frogs finally had a plan.

The next day, all the frogs assembled on the other side of the pond. Frog friends from other ponds also joined them to help them fight the elephant. There was an army of frogs assembled together, which were numbering thousands.

Those frogs were not going to fight the elephant with their muscle power, but with their vocal power.

As usual, the elephant came to the pond. When the elephant touched the water, all the frogs started crying loudly. Together, they produced such a loud sound the elephant thought there was a monster in the pond.

The elephant immediately got out of the pond and started running. After that day, the elephant never returned to the pond. The frogs lived there peacefully.

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