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A Time To Say Good Bye

You'll have a great time in the ranch, dear

I love the countryside, but I’m going to miss it. I am going to miss those friendly people and a lot of pampering I am getting here.

Today I am being taken to a horse ranch. My owner says being in the horse ranch will get me good training for the horse race. The truck to take me to my destination is getting ready for me.

I am going to miss all my dog and cat friends here. We were all good friends, helping each other. Last night we had a get-together. Everybody had only good words to say about me. I still remember the day I came here. I received a fantastic welcome ceremony here by all the animals.

Once I am at the ranch, I know it will be a different world. I hope it’s for the better. Only God knows. See you there. Bye, bye!

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