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Dog And The Squirrel

You better stay there!

“This time, I will not let him escape,” the dog had a big plan to catch the squirrel.

It was night, and the dog pretended to sleep but was alert to the squirrel.

The dog didn’t have to wait for long. The dog opened its eyes when it smelled the squirrel’s presence in the backyard. The squirrel had come down the tree and gone straight into the house. The dog silently followed it. The squirrel was on its way to collect some nuts from the kitchen.

“Hey, you, something is wrong here,” the squirrel’s instinct told it that there was some danger approaching him. Without losing a second, the squirrel rushed out of the kitchen window at lightning speed and made it into the tree. The dog followed the squirrel but couldn’t match the squirrel’s speed. It stood under the tree and started barking at the squirrel.

“This time, you made it. If you ever dare to come down, I will definitely catch you. You should not expect mercy from me,” said the dog and went to sleep.

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