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Monkey And The Squirrel

Let's Work Together

One day, the monkey saw a squirrel climbing the tree. The monkey was amazed at the lightning speed the squirrel was climbing the tree.

“Wow, you are a fast climber. Where did you receive such good training?” the monkey asked a squirrel.

“Thanks for the compliment. It was taught by my parents. First, I watched my parents how they are climbing the trees. I watched how they hold their paws tightly on the tree etc.

We go up and down a tree several times a day. I love climbing trees, but I admire your jumping from one tree to another,” said the squirrel.

“Yes, I also received my training from my parents. They taught me how I can climb the tree and jump from one tree to another without falling down. Our tail helps us to balance in the air.

Every one of us has some unique skill of our own. If we work together, we can do wonders,” said the monkey.

“Ok, let’s work together and reap the rich rewards,” said the squirrel.

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