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Bird And His Beautiful Home Project

I Am Building A Home For Myself!

“Hey, bird, what’s that you are holding on your leg?” the curious cat asked the bird.

“I am building a home for me and my future family, a nest. I won’t be using any brick or mortar for my nest. With these little branches, which I beak pick, my nest would be built. I am building a strong nest on the top of a tree that should be strong enough to handle any wind or rain. My kids would be safe in my nest, and no wind can bring it down,” the bird said. He actually takes a lot of pride in building his own home without anybody’s help.

After several days of hard work, a beautiful nest was built on the top of the tree. The bird invited the cat to see the nest. The cat was happy to see the bird’s nest.

“It’s unbelievable. You have built a great nest! You are a great architect,” the cat praised the bird.

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