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Puppy And The Grizzly Bear

“Hey, Mr., who are you?  I am seeing you here for the first time,” said the curious puppy.

“I am a grizzly bear living in a forest. I come here often. But you are new here,” said the grizzly bear.

“Hey, you should never talk to a grizzly bear”

The puppy was curious about the bear. The puppy started talking with the bear asking various questions about the bear and its family. The bear said that he lives in the forest with his family, and he also has a small boy like the puppy.

“Hey, my dear boy, what are you doing there?” the puppy’s father came running to him. When he saw the bear, he started barking. The bear turned back and ran to the forest.

“Hey, dad, he was so nice to me. Why did you scold him? I hope he’s not hurt,” said the puppy.

“My dear boy, the bear is a thief. He comes here to steal things from the house. We are here to safeguard the house while people are away for work. Next time, if you see the bear again, just let me know, I will handle it,” said the dog.

“Ok, dad, I will do that,” said the puppy and started to play with a cat.