Finding Out The Egg Stealer

dog and the bird cartoon
Leave That Headache To Me, I Will Handle This Case!

One day the bird came down to the dog with a special request.

“Hello, Mr. Dog, I know you are a great detective. I have come to you with a special request,” the bird said.

“What is your problem? Let me see if I can help you out. No thief never escaped from my hands,” said the dog.

All my eggs are stolen by someone. I want to find out who steals my precious eggs.  There were no paw marks on the ground, so finding the thief is going to be a difficult task for you,” said the bird.

“Leave your egg worries to me, Ms. Bird. My job is to solve these kinds of complicated problems and I am trained for that. You know, I am the best detective in the town. Even the police seek my professional help,” said the dog.

The dog took the mission to find out who was stealing the bird’s eggs. Few days passed. One day, while the dog was roaming around, he saw something that arose his curiosity. It was a rattle snake on the tree trying to grab eggs from the bird’s nest.  Suddenly, the dog started barking, and the snake lost its balance and fell down. The dog caught the thief red handed. When the bird came back, the dog told her what happened that day. The snake requested the bird to let him go and he said he will never take her eggs again. The bird let the snake to go, she thanked the dog for his service.

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