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What Is Happening To Me?

Who's Pulling My Tail

The wolf was cruel and merciless, who attacked small animals without any reason. Everybody feared him a lot. If anyone got trapped before him, that animal would lose its life, that was almost sure.

One day, while the wolf was about to jump upon a poor rabbit to hunt him down, he felt somebody pulling his tail. When he turned back, he couldn’t see anybody. At first, the wolf was annoyed.

“Who is pulling my tail?” the wolf screamed. But nobody seems to be there.

This happened several times. Whenever the wolf was preparing for the hunt, he felt that somebody was pulling his tail.  The wolf had no clue of what was happening to him. Now he started feeling fear in his heart. The fear gripped him.  He said to himself. “I think this place is haunted. I must leave this place now, or else I would be killed!” and the wolf fled that forest.

Celebration Time

It was a happy day for all the small animals in the forest to celebrate the wolf fleeing from them. It was a small rat who played the trick of pulling the wolf’s tail and disappear so fast that the wolf couldn’t find him out. When this happened several times, which made the wolf go mad and fleeing the forest.

All small animals who feared the wolf now roam around freely. Thanks to the little rat and his clever idea.