Escaping From A WildFire

fox and the elephant
Let's See What's Glowing There?

“Let’s go and see what’s going on there? What’s that thing glowing?” the curious elephant said.

‘No dear, you should not go any near to it. First, let’s observe it from a distance, as it could be dangerous also.” the fox said to the elephant.

“Ok, then let’s watch it from a distance!” said the elephant.

As they were watching, the glowing became brighter and brighter. It was getting hotter too. It turned out to be a furious wildfire that’s powerful with the eastern wimd blowing.  The wildfire was spreading fast like anything. Like a yellow monster, it was swallowing everything on its way. Nobody can stand against a spreading wildfire.

“Hey, let’s run for our life. If we stay any more here, the wildfire would come and swallow us too. So we have to act fast to escape from this yellow monster,” said the fox.

So the elephant and fox started running. They ran to a shelter behind a big rock. After a few hours, the wildfire ended. The place they were standing before was charred by the wildfire. The elephant thanked the fox for preventing him from going near the wildfire.

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