Baby Elephant And The Croc

baby elephant and the croc
Mom, I Am Trapped!

How To Crack A Crocodile?

The baby elephant was again in the river. It’s his favorite spot. Every time he would ask his mother to let him go to the river and play. One day, as usual, he was in the river. He took a trunkful of water and sprayed it all over his body.

“Wow, it’s so interesting,” thought the elephant. “Baby, your time up, come fast. We are going to have a sugarcane tour,” called his mother.

“Wow, you said sugarcane, ok, mom, here I come,” said the elephant. Because the baby loved the sugarcane very much, he got very excited. But the baby elephant, to his surprise, found he couldn’t come out of the water. “Mom, I can’t come. This river is pulling me from behind,” said the baby elephant.

His mother came running. “Oh, it’s that nasty crocodile. Baby, you don’t worry, I am going to teach that nasty crocodile a lesson,” said the elephant mother. She came down to the river and put her heavy legs on the crocodile’s tail. The crocodile immediately left the baby elephant and swam deep into the river.

“Baby, did that hurt?” asked the mother elephant and checked her baby’s wound from the crocodile bite. “Nothing to worry. I came at the right time. Now, let’s go for our sugarcane tour. Both mother and the baby joined a group of elephants who were heading towards the sugarcane place.

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