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A Deer And The Lion Story

How Are You Mr.Lion?

Be Friendly, That Can Save Your Life!

Oops, the lion saw the deer, anytime he can finish her. But the deer was calm, didn’t try to escape the lion. “Hello, Mr. Lion, glad to meet you. Hope you all in your family doing fine? I have two children at home waiting for me. I have to reach home fast because it’s already late, can I go?” the deer politely asked the lion.

The lion was happy because it was the first time somebody talks to him friendly. Usually, when an animal spots a lion, it will run for life. But this deer was just trying to be friendly with the lion.

“Sure, you are free to go my dear deer. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. I also have a family. Go in peace and have a great day!” said the lion and he disappeared.

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