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Cat And The Elephant Football

Let's Play It!

Playing Football Is So Much Fun!

One day, a cat got a nice ball. “I am not going to play it with other silly cats, I need somebody bigger and stronger to play with,” he thought. After some time an elephant came on its way. “Hey, Mr. Elephant, can we play with this ball?” the cat invited the elephant to play. “Why not? Let’s play,” the elephant readily accepted the cat’s invitation. So they started playing football.

“Here you go!” the little cat threw the ball at the elephant. “That was a nice one,” said the elephant. Then it was the turn of the elephant. The elephant has to throw the ball at the cat. But what did the elephant do? He took the ball on his trunk and threw it, he sent the ball far away.

“That was too a nice shot, but where did the ball go”, the cat wondered. The ball fell in a place out of their sight. Both the cat and the elephant searched everywhere for the ball, but couldn’t find it. “Sorry bro, I didn’t expect that,” said the elephant. The cat regretted inviting the elephant to play. In the future, I will play only with other cats, he vowed to himself.

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