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Horse Or Ostrich?

ostrich and horse cartoon
Let's Race It!

The baby ostrich was in full spirit. He heard people talking about how fast an ostrich is. He saw a horse. “Hey, Mr. Horse, everybody says you are the fastest animal on the earth. I would like to correct that mistake and let the world know who is the fastest, an ostrich or a horse. Would you like to race with me?” the ostrich asked the horse.

“Why not? I am ready for the race. Let me know the time and place for the race,” the wild horse accepted the challenge. The next day they got together under a tree, fixed the finishing point. “Ready, one, two, three, go!” the monkey whistled to start the race. The wild horse took all his power and ran, the baby ostrich found that she is far behind the horse. The horse reached the finishing point. But the baby ostrich has left far behind the race.

The horse was declared the winner. “Don’t worry baby, you are still small, when you grow up, you will be the fastest,” the horse consoled him. “Thank you for your kind words, Mr. Horse. I will never boast about anything in my life,” said the baby ostrich.

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