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That's So Cool!

Happy Donkey

“Hey why are you so happy today?” the cat asked the smiling donkey. “Today, Jesus rode on my back,” the donkey said. “Hey what’s so big about it?” the cat asked.

“People say he is the son of god and a king. No king would have ever traveled on a donkey, but he did, and no other donkey will ever get this opportunity to carry the greatest man who ever lived on earth, and I did. That is why I very happy today. I’ll never forget this day in my life,” the donkey said.

“I’ve seen Jesus, but he is a simple man. I can’t believe he is a king,” said the cat.  “But he is very kind and generous, healing people, feeding people freely, even bringing dead people back to life. No other king in the world can ever do such big things,” said the donkey. “I agree with you, if Jesus becomes a king, the world will be a different place, with no wars giving us a peaceful world to live!” said the cat.