The Police Car Adventures, A Difficult Mission Accomplished


the funny police car

It was a hectic day for him. The police car was chasing a thief car. He asked speeding car to stop, but the car fitted with special features just ignored police car’s warning. He knew that it is an opportunity he should not miss at cost to prove himself as fit for the service. The mission is very crucial for his career. If he fails in catching the thief car, he will be soon out of service. He is a bit old struggling with the younger cars in service.

The police car was losing confidence in the mission. All sorts of bad thoughts started to come into his mind. At any moment of time, he may lose momentum and collapse. All of a sudden the thief car that was speeding away came to a screeching halt. It had hit on a traffic barricade and got thrashed. The police car with confidence captured him. Finally, he proved himself once again.

Never loos confidence in what you are doing. Wait for the right opportunities to use them as the ladder for success!

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