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You Have Got A Message

I am busy!

The messenger monkey had a message for the king lion. From one tree to another, the monkey was jumping. He wanted to reach the king lion as fast as possible. He had an important message for the king from the other end of the forest. It was sent by another lion.

“Hey, Mr. Monkey, why are you going fast?” asked a tiger on the way.

“I am going to deliver a message for the king,” said the monkey.

“Ok, let’s have a drink together. Come down,” the tiger invited the monkey for a drink.

“I am sorry dear. The matter is urgent. I’ve to reach the king as fast as I can. I’ve no time to waste,” said the monkey.

The monkey met several animals on its way. Everybody invited him, but the monkey had the same reply.

Finally, the monkey reached his destination. The king was sleeping.

“I’m sorry to disturb your sleep, but I have got you an urgent message,” said the monkey.

The king opened his eyes. The lion read the message. His eyes opened wide.

“We have to act fast. The hunters are reaching here anytime. We have to block the path,” said the lion.

The king called for a wild meeting. All animals came for the meeting. The king explained the situation. The elephants were given the task to block the road. Other animals should support them.

The elephants blocked the road with wooden logs. The hunters couldn’t enter the forest and had to return.

The lion appreciated the messenger monkey for its diligence. Everybody thanked the monkey for its loyal service, which saved the forest from hunters.

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