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In Search Of My Missing Dog

Don't worry, let me help you!

“Hey, Mr. Bear, have you seen a dog passing through this place?” the girl asked a bear. The girl’s dog went missing a few days ago, and the girl was on the lookout for her missing dog.

“I didn’t see any dog, but I can help you to find your missing dog,” the bear promised. The bear was extremely helpful and went looking for the dog.

The girl was too tired of the searching, and decided to take some rest. Within a short time, she was sleeping. The girl was woken up by hearing a feeble voice.  It was her missing dog trying to grab the girl’s attention. The dog was inside the house of the bear.

The girl opened the door. She saw her dog. But there were bear kids sleeping. Without making any sound she took the dog out. “Oh, that nasty bear. I should not have trusted that liar. Anyways, I got you. Let’s escape before the bear returns,” the girl said, and took the dog on her lap and rode the horse as fast as possible before the bear returned.

When the bear came back with a lie story to tell the girl, he was in for a surprise. There was no girl or the dog he kidnapped.

“Oh, I am fooled. I shouldn’t have offered my help,” the bear said to himself.

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