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A Narrow Escape From The Mouth Of A Tiger

Oops, it's a tiger!

The rabbit was hopping around the tiger’s den without knowing that a tiger was sleeping inside the den. The rabbit was following a butterfly. Unfortunately, the tiger woke up hearing the sound the rabbit was making.

The tiger yawned but didn’t see the rabbit. The tiger’s yawning alerted the rabbit. The rabbit was frozen with fear. The rabbit went hiding inside the tiger’s den itself. The tiger woke up and looked around to see what was making the sound. He didn’t find anything. But the tiger was sure that someone was inside his den.

So he looked everywhere, but couldn’t find anybody. He went outside to look around. Using that opportunity, the rabbit escaped.

Back home, the rabbit shared its escape story with his family.

Everybody in the rabbit family was struck with fear. “You are lucky! The tiger didn’t see you. But next time, be more careful,” said its father.

“Yes, I must be careful. I was lured by the butterfly and forgot what was happening around me. I will never forget myself doing something,” said the rabbit.

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