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Mrs. Bunny, The Vet

I am happy, the doctor is here!

Mrs. Bunny is a busy vet, an experienced doctor of animals. Today, Dr. Bunny is visiting a cow who needs help. The cow was suffering from acute stomach ache. When the bunny arrived at her patient, the cow was crying in pain. But seeing the bunny doctor the cow was happy.

The bunny doctor had a detailed examination on the cow. Asked some question on what she had on breakfast. 

The examination was over in a few minutes. “Nothing to worry, dear. You will alright soon!” said the bunny. The bunny doc then prescribed a special grass to eat. The cow was happy and thanked the doctor for the medicine.

The bunny doctor is always on the move, from one place to another, attending to her patients. Dr. Bunny patiently examines each of her patients and listens to their problems before prescribing a medicine. After the cow, the bunny is going to an elephant who is suffering from backpain.

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