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A Meeting In The Pond

Nice to meet you

It was a starlit night. The frog was having its dinner of mosquitoes. There were plenty of them available in the pond. All the frog did was extend its tongue to catch the mosquitoes.

An unexpected visitor came to the pond, which surprised the frog. The visitor was a little bird who wanted to bathe in the pond.

“Hi, there. I’m sorry to disturb you. It was a long and busy day. I need a bath before going to bed,” said the bird.

“No problem. I am glad that I got a guest. Help yourself. If you need help, just tweet me,” said the frog.

“You are lucky to live in a pond like this. Not all frogs get a pond like this to live,” said the bird.

As the bird was bathing, a yellow snake saw the bird. It was slowly moving toward the bird. The frog saw the snake.

“Chrome, chrome, fly away, you little bird,” the frog warned the little bird. The little bird’s feathers were wet but somehow managed to fly away. The angry snake turned towards the frog.  But the frog hid himself in a hole nearby. The snake returned to its home disappointed.

The next day morning, the bird came to the pond to thank the frog for risking its own life to save him, and they became friends.

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