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The Secret Of Happiness

You are so happy!

“You look so happy today. Please share the secret of your happiness with me,” the cow said to the green frog.

The green frog laughed. “I am happy because every day, I help somebody. That makes me so happy. Today, I helped a bird to find its missing baby. The baby bird was trying to fly but couldn’t make it. The baby bird fell down. Seeing the falling bird, I came running to help the bird. I cried loudly to grab the attention of the mother bird. The mother bird took her baby back to her home. She thanked me for the help,” said the frog.

“Oh, I see. Good to know your secret of happiness. Thanks for letting me know about it. Yes, helping somebody makes us happy. I will also do the same, helping others,” the cows said. The frog smiled. “Now I am more happy. I helped you to find happiness,” said the frog.

While they were talking, the cow saw a snake slowly moving toward the frog to eat it. Immediately, the cow sprang into action. The cow kicked the snake and threw it away. Everything thing was so fast that the frog couldn’t understand what was just happened. It took sometime for the frog to realize that he was saved by the cow from the mouth of the bad snake.

“Thank you, my dear friend. You saved me from the mouth of the snake,” said the frog.

“Now, I am happy. I helped you,” said the cow. Both cow and the frog became good friends from that day onwards, helping others in distress.

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