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Micky The Airplane Is Flying

Nice to see you all from the sky!

Wrooom…Wrooom… There flies Micky the little airplane high above the forest. Every time animals see her they got annoyed by the Wroom sound she produces until they found the reason why she is flying. Let’s hear her story.

You might be wondering what the little airplane is doing in the sky. It is her daily duty guarding the forest by flying over it. Every day she flies hundreds of miles across the forest to keep a vigilant eye over its resources and animals. Her pilot and a bunch of the forest guards are flying with her. They make sure that everything is Ok with the animals.

One day Micky while flying over a mountain lost control due to heavy wind developed an engine snag. She had to immediately grounded to avoid collision with trees. Her pilots and workers went to look out for help. She was alone.

While on the ground she got many visitors. The forest animals, big and small whom she always saw from the sky came to see her. A baby elephant came near to Micky and tried to push her. The grounded airplane was a big surprise for them.

Finally, the king lion came to her and asked Micky what she is doing in the sky. She replied that she is keeping an eye over the hunters so that they will not enter into the forest and kill the animals. Hearing that the animals were happy. They became friends. After few days Micky got repaired and she began to fly again. Every time she saw the animals on the ground they are all happy because they are sure that no hunters will come to kill them because Micky is doing her duty diligently.

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Viki: This Micky has a great job. She can see all animals in the forest.

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